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>> waking you up this morning. earlier in the show we told you about a new report that says most americans attribute their success to the chases they made in their life. we asked you what is your secret to success. here's what some of you said. >> bill said work hard, make smart decisions and most importantly when you make a mistake or bad decision, take ownership of it and fix whatever the problem is you caused. >> don't be afraid of failure. learn from it. jasmine from orange county, california, wrote you have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. >> jake said anyone can be successful if they are willing to sacrifice and work for it. >> all right. good advice there. thanks to everyone who responded. >> have a great thursday, everyone. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning.
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it's thursday. it's february 28, 2013. i hope you're going to have a great day today. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of it with us. we are one day from the so-called doomsday. at least that's what the president has been saying for weeks. could it change now? >> people will lose their jobs. it will jeopardize military readiness, the sequester will weaken america's economic recovery. >> this morning the president changing his tune. we'll play you the tape. >>steve: he tkaoeurd -- dared to challenge the president on the facts but now bob woodward says the white house threatened him and he has the e-mail to prove it. a-ha, ladies and gentlemen. >>brian: that a-ha was not in the prompter. you thought this was bad, we'll show you the bills
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just washed up. "fox & friends" starts now. >> kind of looks like a kangaroo. >> it's a bald kangaroo. >> i think it's anant -- an anteater. >> anna, what do you got in busch gardens? >> a baby arrested -- aardvark. everything happens here in busch gardens in tampa from nutrition to checkups. it all happens here. they don't know if this is
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a boy or girl yet. they have to do blood work later. >>steve: really? >>brian: right there i learned something. i'm not sure if anna is working or on vacation. she's got the coolest shoots ever. >>steve: nicely done. second day in a row in florida. we'll be with you in a bit. in the meantime we've got headlines. >>gretchen: a live look at vatican city. pope benedict xvi saying goodbye to cardinals before going off to retirement. he said he would pray for them as they choose his successor. about 11 a.m. eastern time benedict will fly to the papal retreat. he becomes the first pope in nearly 600 years to retire. >> very sad news, a tv news anchor woman is -- no, good news. safe at home. at 5 a.m. she was still
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missing. after a safe missing person scare, family members of paula lopez contacted police when they couldn't get in touch with her and became increasingly concerned. it is believed they found her later that night. she works at the station keyt in santa barbara, california. >> he jeopardized men and women fighting overseas. in a few hours he will break had i silence on why he did. he's going to tell a judge it was to spark a debate on our military policy. he is facing 22 charges including aiding the enemy and could receive life behind bars. >> remember that las vegas bash held by the g.s.a. that cost you more than $800,000? it was only the tip of the iceberg. a congressional report shows taxpayers paid $340 million for nearly 900 conferences last year. that includes $89 million for defense department
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events. the number only includes events that cost at least $100,000, so the total figure much higher. congressman darrell issa outraged. >> we can fix government but we're not going to fix government by people complaining that any cut somehow is unfair when these are so obvious. >>gretchen: the g.s.a. only had three events last year after its lavish spending was exposed. that is interesting to show the dichotomy of the spending. i think a lot of people are waking up to the fact that there might be a lot of waste in government spending especially since we've been talking about the sequester and looming cuts. >>steve: a poll i was reading in the "wall street journal" today in the karl rove article today said there was a recent poll that said how much of your federal dollar do youis wasted,e person said 50 cents on the dollar. i think people are starting to get it. there is so much waste going on. when you look at how much
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the sequestration could impact the budget, two pennies on the dollar. doesn't seem like much and it seems like the president's tune is changing. >>brian: just to reframe, i believe sequester is coming to a close. it's tomorrow. there's going to be a big meeting. we'll talk about that tomorrow. and we do know that the president has talked in the past about closing campgrounds. they will only be able to open up parks. thousands of teachers are going to get pink slips. thousands of border agents are no longer to be able to patrol the border. you can't inspect the meat. it's going to be impossible. we know that. 24 hours to inspect meat. working like crazy to get your steak. meanwhile the president yesterday realizes we're coming to a deadline and there's a chance i overstated a little bit. read between the lines. >> unless your business is directly related to the defense department, unless you live in a town that is directly impacted by a
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military installation, unless you're a family that now is trying to figure out where to keep your kids during the day because you just lost a head start slot, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester. but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >>gretchen: the headline here, folks, is the president's strategy did not work. the strategy all along here was to push republicans back into the corner like he did at the end of the year with regard to the debt ceiling and having to raise taxes. he was going to try that approach again because every poll up until that point said people were on his side. but that didn't work this time. he expected probably the republicans to budge because of public image and leading into the mid term elections coming up just a few 18, 19, 20 months away from now. but it didn't work. now he has to backtrack on his strategy. why? because come friday or saturday, if suddenly the world didn't fall apart, his credibility would fall
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apart. >>brian: like the mayans. >>steve: the white house is caught in a couple of lies. arne duncan, secretary of education, on face the nation on sunday said pink slips are coming out. >>brian: 40,000. where? >>steve: a place in west virginia. there are pink slips coming out but it has to do with state law and is unrelated. yesterday duncan doubled down and said a lot of poor kids and a lot of challenged kids are going to wind up with less care. as it turns out, the funding for those programs are forward funded. in other words, all that stuff actually would happen next year. so the white house has been caught in some lies because they have really over the last couple of weeks scared the living daylights out of people. listen to this. >> into few days congress might allow a series of immediate painful arbitrary budget cuts to take place.
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known in washington as the sequester. if congress allows this meat-cleaver approach to take place, it will skwrepdz -- jeopardize our military readiness, eviscerate jobs in medical research. early education like head start and early start would be eliminated for nearly 1,000 children. border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. f.b.i. agents will be furloughed. federal prosecutors will have to close cases. air traffic controllers and airport security will be cut back which means more delays at airports across the country. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble for child care for their kids. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care.
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these cuts are wrong. they're not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen. >>brian: i'm scared to death. >>steve: after all of that last night he goes maybe you're not going to notice it. >>brian: we noticed that. >>gretchen: quick turn-around. one thing they're still going to go forward with is this meeting tomorrow. you may ask why would the president wait until the last day of this impending crisis if it was so incredibly bad to meet with some of the top republicans and democrats on capitol hill? there's the list of the people who will be at the meeting tomorrow. john boehner speaker of the house. harry reid senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi, of course. what is the point of this meeting tomorrow? it is the deadline. what are they going to get done in this meeting. some people are saying it could be a photo opportunity to once again -- the president is very good at messaging -- to put out to the american people.
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i tried, i had a meeting with these top-level meeting and nothing came of it. >>brian: i have a hunch. john boehner is on the record saying this is going to be a listening meeting for me. i think the president will say there is your delay for two months. here's an idea of going forward for the next two months. is delay all these cuts from taking place. therefore, if you don't accept this piece of paper, you are truly the bad guys. >>steve: "the washington post" says today that what the president is going to ask republicans, he's going to ask them what one tax break would you give up? just give up one thing. of course the white house has made that clear that they want more revenue tax hikes and the republicans made it clear absolutely not. you already got it. >>gretchen: i think one thing that changed this thing this week was bob woodward. he is not known as a conservative, and he, of course, had written in his most recent book that the sequester idea was all the president's and his administration. that initially started this
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discussion, but it wasn't really covered that much. now woodward himself has come out and been very critical of the administration and the way that they have handled this. and he's faced a lot of blow-back from the administration. he says he was yelled at by a senior level person within the administration for 30 minutes. then it came to the point where he actually thought he was threatened. >> focusing on a few specific trees that gives a very wrong impression of the forest. but perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here. he says, you know, i think you will regret staking out that claim. >>brian: that was the gene sperlg we now now. bob woodward, when he saw the sequester was being blamed on congress, he went back and checked his notes and i imagine a recording for his book and said, wait a second, it was the president that did that and it was the president's idea, jack liu, the white house came up with this
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idea. and, number two, the white house also said it was about spending cuts, not about revenues. they moved the bowl post. friday he's going to write this column and he called the white house and said i'm writing this column and he got screamed at for 30 minutes at which time he wrote the column, it comes out and he finds out later he's somewhat been threatened. are they that confident in the white house that bob woodward is not writing this down and will not hop in front of a television and say -- >>steve: this white house is one of the most thin-skinned white houses ever. and that's why, you know, they're getting blow-back because -- wait a minute, this is bob woodward. bob woodward is one of the lions of journalism. he doesn't make stuff up. if he says the white house moved the goal post, they moved the goal post. >>gretchen: this is a lot deeper than just being thin-skinned. this is bob woodward on a
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rampage. he's continued on saying ronald reagan wouldn't have done these kinds of threats and creating armageddon like president obama has this particular week. he says george bush would not have done that. very interesting. i think this changed the entire equation. >>brian: listen to this tweet. watching woodward the last two days is like imagining my idol of the phillies facing live pitches again. they're saying he's washed up and crazy. there's more to this. stand by. >>steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. coming up, should our government really be releasing illegal immigrants ahead of sequester? we already have. is that really a good idea? we're going to discuss that. >>gretchen: move over hallly barry, this pint-sized look-alike pint-sized look-alike stealing the scene. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> hundreds of illegal immigrants charged with big crimes freed from jail a couple of mornings ago after they were released by the department of immigration enforcements, i.c. efpl. the agency claims it was done because of upcoming skraeugs budget cuts -- sequestration but the white house says they knew nothing about it. >> this was a decision of ice without input from the white house. >>gretchen: are we to believe the white house now? let's bring in pennsylvania congressman lou garletta. when you hear the white house saying we didn't approve the release of these illegal immigrants and then i know you talked to somebody in the department of homeland security, where do you come out on this? who did it? >> first of all, this is the best that the department of homeland security could come up with in cost-saving measures is to release tkpwraoel alien
3:20 am
criminals on to our streets and neighborhoods, i've got to question the judgment of secretary napolitano. i cannot believe they would not run this up the ladder, up the chain before releasing some people who i was told phaeufpb high -- may have been high-level criminal aliens who are undeportable meaning they were so bad their own countries didn't want to take them back. some have been arrested for theft, drunk driving, documented gang members. they were notified back in january actually to prepare for possible sequestration. i'm sure they can think of better things than this. >>gretchen: just to follow up, congressman, because we've been talking on the show the last couple of days and one of the questions i posed was what if these were high-level criminals who would commit another crime. who would be responsible? what if somebody died? >> think of this, this is a federal government that has grown so big and so expensive that they would rather let criminals go than federal employees. this is inexcusable. this reminds me of when
3:21 am
fidel castro released criminals in the boat lift in 1980. to go through all of this saying this is the only cost savings we could do regardless of what the crime was is inexcusable. >>steve: a bunch of them were released into the state of arizona where the governor there is jan brewer. she told neil cavuto this yesterday. >> we don't know who has been released, what they have been charged with. no one from the administration contacted my homeland security division. no one contacted my office. no one has reached out. obviously they don't know what the heck is going on because they didn't know anything about it either. well, who is is running this country? >>steve: congressman, the white house says we didn't know anything about it. it was i.c.e. gary meade, apparently responsible, is resigning. do you believe the white house didn't know about this? >> if they didn't, i
3:22 am
believe the president should stay in washington and find out what's going on in his administration. this is just another example of why we can't trust this administration in these proposals of pathway to citizenship, that they'll do proper background checks on the people we're going to allow to live here in this country who have broken our laws. i'm one that is very skeptical and don't believe they'll do it. >>gretchen: congressman, it will be very scary if it's proven in any way to be for political gain. i know you're going to keep your mind on this and keep us informed. thank you so much. >> thank you. >>steve: next up on the rundown, your favorite fast food is about to cost you more maybe, and you can thank the federal government. we've got details ahead. >>gretchen: hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>>steve: we've got quick headlines. the army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 fort hood shooting rampage is expected to ask for his trial to be moved off the texas army post. major hassan is charged with attempted murder and premeditated murder. secretary of state john kerry will reportedly announce the united states is sending aid to syria. it will include food and medical aid for those battling president assad's forces on the ground. >>brian: you ever want to go to mars? think it's going to happen? you and your spouse have a chance of making it happen and having that experience yourself. the date is sent for
3:27 am
january 5, 2018. it is being organized by dennis tito, an american entrepreneur. in 2001 he became the first space tourist when he paid $20 million to visit the international space station. the russians brought him up. now his mission is to get a man and woman on mars in five years. he is the chairman of the inspiration mars foundation. dennis, why mars? why not you? >> first of all, not me because there is a special requirement for the crew that goes way beyond my talents. we need a younger crew, not too young. maybe in the mid 50's. but a crew with exceptional mechanical ability because they're going to have to be preparing and over hauling the equipment on board the spacecraft for 501 days. >>brian: do you believe a man and woman and maybe a husband and wife because
3:28 am
it's got to be about two people that get along quite well. it is about the size of an r.v. traveling for 16 months? >> that is correct. they're going to have to rely on each other. there are going to be times when they are e going to be quite frightened and lonely because they will look out and see the earth as a pale blue dot and barely distinguishable between the stars. >>brian: you were there and you experienced it. but why do you believe that we have the technology to put two people within 100 miles of mars? >> we have the earth orbit technology and we discovered a unique opportunity that happens about once every 15 years where the earth and mars get close to the planet's lineup. we have this 500 or so day opportunity that actually can be reached with a small
3:29 am
capsule every -- with a 500-day mission. >>brian: dennis, how much money are you putting in? and what is nasa's reaction to this? >> nasa's reaction so far has been to sign a space act agreement with us, with nasa as a first start to do the reentry and heat shield engineering. we have some work to do to get started. i'm funding the life support development to demonstrate a closed loop life support system. that is also a long lead time item. i'm funding the first two years to get traction, get this going. we have to bring money in to buy the big equipment, the launch vehicles and the spacecraft which we will modify to accommodate this
3:30 am
mission. >>brian: i admire you. you're trying to inspire others to do it. at 72, you're still making history. thanks for doing this. at least somebody is working on space because nasa doesn't have the financing to do it themselves. thanks for joining us. >> straight ahead, your tax dollars hard at work? federal workers not working, so what were they doing instead? >> anna kooiman is taking a walk on the wide side this morning. >> good morning. thisthis feels like a porcupine, one of two mammals on the planet that lays eggs, one of 12,000 animals here at busch gardens that gets treated at their animal care center. we'll show you around the place on the other side of this break. first happy birthday to jason aldean. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
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3:35 am
balls which wash up along the shore. >>steve: not to be confused with beach balls. >>brian: right. not a national occurrence, beach balls. we blow them up. >>steve: except not at concerts. >>gretchen: he stole the show from president obama at the national prayer breakfast. >> you make $10 billion, you put in a billion. you make $10, you put in one. some people say, they say that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made $10. where does it say you have to hurt the guy? >>gretchen: dr. ben carson revealing he rejected multiple attempts from the white house to give an advanced copy of his speech. dr. carson says he doesn't write out his speeches or use teleprompters. you can hear him again at the national conservative political conference next month. >>brian: subway says customers should prepare to pay more the next time they go to the spweufp place. -- zip -- sandwich place.
3:36 am
>>steve: the academy awards created many moments and now they have been adoreably re-created by children. here's a double take. jennifer lawrence spotted opbd red carpet. check out ben affleck. >>gretchen: very cute. all part of one new york photographer's series called toddlewood, tots pose like their celebrity counterparts. >>gretchen: time to check out your weather for today. >> it's raining and the weather girl forgot her umbrella. don't tell anybody. let's look at the storm. we've been talking about the storm all week long. started out in the plains, moved in to texas towards oklahoma and missouri, across the great lakes,
3:37 am
northeast. still lingering with snow showers and rain along the coast. don't forget your umbrellas. taking a look at the rest of the day. this is the main event. it could cause delays at the airport. make sure you call ahead if you're picking someone up or dropping someone off. if we advance those maps i can show you where the storm is going to wind up. the low is going to move into canada. the rest of the moisture associated with it will dissipate throughout the day today. that's the good news. as we get into the weekend, very quiet weekend. temperatures are going to drop considerably, 10 to 15 degrees below average as far south as florida. we could have another nor'easter mid week next week. we'll keep an eye on that. i'm going to -- does anybody have an umbrella around? hello? my hair! >>gretchen: mine broke in half yesterday with all the wind sheer.
3:38 am
>> it was an umbrella inside-out day. >>steve: looking at your tax return and wondering if you got what you paid for? last year the federal government paid more money than they did last year to federal workers not to work for you, but to work on behalf of the unions stu varney is here with his jaw-dropping report. >> $156 million was paid out to federal workers who did not work for the taxpayer, did not work for the federal government. they were union reps and who worked full time on union business paid by the taxpayer. $156 million and that number's gone way up from 2009. under the obama administration. >>gretchen: how does this hahn? what's the background? >> if you're a union rep, you work on union business. you're paid by the taxpayer but you work on union business. >>gretchen: this has always been in existence? >> yes. >>steve: if you're an
3:39 am
agency that has union employees, you have to have union representative. in the union shops i worked in in the past, you would have to have a job, be a camera guy and be a union represent. >> you never worked for federal government. this is totally different. this drives taxpayers crazy. here we are cutting kids' vaccines. we're cutting border security. oh, but we can't make federal workers work for the federal government. no, they've got to keep on working for the unions. are we going to keep on paying them? this drives people nuts when you have this kind of waste. >>gretchen: thank you. >>brian: we're going to watch you on the fox business network on varney and company. >> glad to hear that. >>gretchen: have a great day. it's one of the top theme parks in the nation and home to 12,000 animals. now bush garden camp is
3:40 am
offering visitors a better way to get in on the action. anna kooiman joins us live. >> good morning to everybody at home. check out this kitchen at the animal care center here. it looks like something out of the a martha stewart catalog. the vets here use restaurant-quality food to feed their animals. let's take a tour of the place. >> we have over a half million pounds of produce a year that we go through. >> for 12,000 animals? >> for 12,000 animals. we go through 3 million meal worms, 240 tons of hay. >> from elephants to cheetahs to birds like this horn bill, there is a nutritionist on staff coming up with specific diets. >> what are you feeding him? >> meat. >> we're doing all this for
3:41 am
a possum? >> we're doing this for a possum. >> this is burko. >> that's his favorite. he'll eat all the individual kernels. >> he's got crazy eyes. >> mostly nocturnal. the better to see you with. >> this is the treatment room? >> where we do the majority of our procedures. >> vets at busch gardens operate on everything from tigers to frogs. >> some of this blood work is being done so you can tell what ailment an animal may be faced with? >> exactly. a lot of our patients in wildlife are good at hiding signs of disease. being out in the wild, if you show signs that you're sick or injured, a predator might try to take advantage and finish you off. >> injured wild animals are also brought in like this sea bird that swallowed sea hooks. >> we unfortunately see this fairly commonly. >> and this owl hit by a car. >> badly broken wing but we
3:42 am
were able to surgically put it together today. >> we're back in the treatment center. this is where they do all of their sterile surgeries. it's very massive and expansive and very interactive as well. the guests here at the park can watch through the glass here and they'll do question and answer sessions with the vets even while they're doing their procedures. you've got to stay tuned to "fox & friends" because coming up in our 8:00 hour there is going to be a cheetah here. it is going to be knocked out and having a routine exam. we're excited about that. we're hoping it doesn't wake up. brian, gretchen and steve, we're told if it does wake up, this is the room that we run in to to take cover. >>steve: it's nice that they take such good care of the critters. >>brian: nice to know they eat better than us. >>gretchen: coming up, think the government needs a warrant to rifle through your e-mails? you might want to think again. >>brian: the best cars for your money, and they're
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>>gretchen: the government is making a record number of requests now for the private information of you from google. that's according to data released by the search engine giant. what is more startling is half of these requests is made without warrants. is it constitutional? who better to ask than judge andrew napolitano. good morning to you, judge. lay out for us what the law is right now. what can the government do? >> under the constitution, the government can't get any information from -- about you or from you, about you from anybody from a telephone server to a provider to a computer
3:47 am
server to your bedroom drawer without a search warrant. a search warrant is issued by a judge based upon sworn evidence of probable cause of crime. that's what the constitution says. it covers everything. but gradually over the years the government has worn away at that constitutional protection. in 1986 in the reagan dim the government enacted the electronic privacy act which basically said federal agents can write their own search warrants. write their own search warrants, bypass skwrupblgts and get -- bypass judges and get information about you about banks. where does it stand now? about a month ago the senate voted to prohibit the government from getting people's e-mails without a search warrant. the legislation died in the house. so the laws that now stands is federal agents can write their own search warrants to get your e-mails. get your e-mails means e-mails stored not in your personal computer, but in
3:48 am
the server's computer. and not the body of the e-mail but the identity of the sender and the receiver. if the government wants the wording of the e-mail itself, it has to go to a judge and get a warrant. why am i aggravated about this? why should everybody be aggravated? people should be aggravated about this because these are private communications which are protected by the fourth amendment, but the government has given itself -- we didn't give to the government. the government gave to itself the power to get this information about us. it always does it under a benign purpose. it always says we're doing it to keep you safe. but in reality, it is invading our privacy. and it's privacy that we have come to expect that we have. >>gretchen: let's see what google had to say about this before complying with the government request. we make sure it follows the law and google's policies. we notify users about legal demands when appropriate unless prohibited by law or court order and if we believe a request is overly broad we seek to narrow it
3:49 am
like when we persuaded a court to limit a government request for two months of user search query. >> if google does that, my hat is off to them. if google were to say to the carlson or napolitano household the federal government has asked us to identify and isolate e-mails you sent or you received, we want to tell you about that. you then have an opportunity to go to a federal judge and say what's going on here? where are my fourth amendment stphraoeuts but when -- rights? but when google doesn't tell you that, you don't know what the government has about you. >>gretchen: thanks very much, judge. you explained it brilliantly for this hour of the morning. it's great to see you. thanks, judge. it's one of the oldest stories being told like never before. mark barnett and roma downey, a husband and wife team behind the bible.
3:50 am
we will you the top three cars for under 25 thousand bucks. coming up next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. ♪ how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well.
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3:53 am
>> welcome back down on the wet streets of new york city. there is a brand-new study out that says most median income families cannot afford the typical new car which on average is more than $30,000. that's a lot of money. so what cars are out there that you can afford. john lincould he have is managing editor -- john lin cove is managing editor
3:54 am
for "cars." how much are they? >> each one under 20,000. this hyundai, you have a two door and then a third door so you can get people out. you have the hatch back, a third door. you can get kids back there. you can get 32 miles per gallon on the highway, 26 miles in the city. it is also sporty and fun. >>steve: whose hat is that? >> i'm not a baseball fan. let's move to the mazda 3. >> very nimble, fun to drive, based on the european ford focus. you're going to get close to 40 miles per gallon when you're driving it all around. >>steve: very nice. take a look in here. all these cars have all the gizmos. >> you're going to get
3:55 am
connectivity, blue tooth, download music and stream it, u.s.b. input. probably your brand-new iphone 5 may not have a connector so you have to use a u.s.b. >>steve: the final entry is the honda. >> redesigned for 2013. 30 miles per gallon in the city, 40 on the highway with the 4 cylinder. under 25 grand. >>steve: for this particular car we have dispatched janice dean. what do you think of this car? >> this is a fantastic car. buckle up, honey, i'm going to take you for a little ride. >>steve: hold on just a second. john, the thing about consumer reports is you would only recommend these if they were great cars? >> we only recommend it if it's reliable according to our survey and if it's been crash tested and done well in the crash test. >>steve: if people would like more information go to >> and go to our april
3:56 am
issue. >>steve: jan, do you want to go for a ride? >> i think my license expired but we can go around the block. >> janice's license has expired? don't tell anybody, gretchen. we're just going to go around the corner. >>brian: see them in about 20 minutes because i know the traffic in new york city at 6:54 in the morning eastern time. how scary is the scare-quester? coming up, the man who wrote the legislation in 1985 is here alive. he lived through it and will tell us the realities behind it. >>gretchen: one of the oldest stories told in a brand-new way. the team behind "the bible," a new tv series. bible," a new tv series. coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, february 28, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the president has been scaring americans for weeks now saying starting tomorrow, we will lose everything from first responders to air traffic controllers. but last night he said you may not actually notice any difference at all. >> a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester, but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> gretchen: so what has changed in a short period of time? we'll explain for you. >> brian: he dared to challenge the president on his facts.
4:01 am
now bob woodward says the white house is threatening him and he has proof, and the e-mail to prove it. the white house's reaction, you will find out. >> steve: plus, one of the oldest stories being told like never before. >> why are you here, moses? have you come to ask for forgiveness? >> no. i come to demand you release these people from slavery. d the bible movie are and wife here. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> steve: there was almost big trouble outside because when i was in the car with janis dean, she was going to drive us around the block, we had to have chris chulo get out first because he had that hose hooked up to the building. she just floored it. i had to actually take my hand and put it back in park.
4:02 am
>> brian: do you know what the anniversary of today is? one year ago today, chris chulo and a race with mario lopez. >> gretchen: that's already one year ago? >> brian: that's one week. it will be the anniversary of you falling flat on your face right outside. >> gretchen: poor chris. [ laughter ] he's always such a good sport. thanks for still being here action chris. >> brian: he's never been the same. >> gretchen: let's talk about sequestration because it's happening tomorrow, march 1. the last couple of weeks, you heard the president talk being how this was going to be disasterous, draconian cuts that wouldn't have to be necessary if republicans would just raise taxes again. remember, they went through that kind of pressure back before the end of the year with regard to the debt ceiling, they did agree to raise taxes and go against some of the principles they believe in. now the president's strategy appears to have backfired. did he overplay his hand? listen to this and see if you think the tune has changed.
4:03 am
>> unless your business is directly related to the defense department, unless you live in a town that is directly impacted by military installation, unless you're a family that now is trying to figure out where to keep your kids during the day because you just lost a head start slot, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester. but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> brian: really? the "new york times" says we're going to lose 2.14 million jobs. we know that the education secretary says about 40,000 teachers will get pink slips. we know over 100,000 pentagon workers will be furloughed and an hour and a half line at least to get on a plane, more like four hours because they have to be furloughed. wait a second! i thought we were all going to all be affected. >> gretchen: that was monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> steve: right. it looks like the white house and cabinet minute secretaries
4:04 am
have -- ministers clearly hyped this whole thing. keep in mind, the white house and the administration has a lot of leeway in how the cuts are administered among the agencies and phil gramm, former senator from texas who helped right the sequestration bill in the 1985s, he's going to be our guest in ten minutes. he's going to tell us about the president, if he makes the choices where they are deliberate, maximum cut for maximum political gain, that would be the wrong thing to do for america. >> gretchen: he seems to be backing off on that now because i think if this crisis ultimately did not happen come saturday, the credibility of the president and his administration would be called into question. meantime, what do you think about this? there has been all this time, 18 months, that we knew this sequestration was going to be happening and it's just going to be tomorrow on the deadline that the president has called for a meeting with top congressional leaders. here is a photo of the four people who he will meet with
4:05 am
tomorrow on -- >> steve: for the first time! >> gretchen: boehner, reid, mcconnell and pelosi. it is a bipartisan group, but why wait until the last day of the so-called crisis to meet? congressman kevin mccarthy had thoughts on that. >> this is like a road show president. he's more interested in keeping the campaign going, going around the country and he's got to decide, either he wants to be president of a political party or he wants to be president of the united states and actually lead in the process and work towards some type of solution. but that's not what we're getting. what the president's really doing is asking for a photo op at the last minute. remember what we're talking about. $85 billion out of $3.6 trillion budget. we borrow $85 billion every 28 days. so we're just talking about less cut, less than what we borrow in one month. >> steve: he also wound up spending more this year than last year. >> brian: right now it's this year only going to be 44 billion
4:06 am
in cuts for the rest of the year, in 2013. i thought rudy guiliani put it great last night with sean hannity. he have broke it down to a point where even i could understand it. >> if you can't cut between 1.2 and 2.2% from any federal program, you should be fired for not being able to figure out how to run an efficient program. we get caught in this, too. we're not cutting. we're cutting additional spending. so would be like saying, i have a job for $100,000. i take that home to my family. my boss tells me i'm going to get $110,000 raise this year. all of a sudden he comes to me and he says, no, it won't be 110,000, it will be $107,000 raise. you mean based on that i have to take my kid out of school? i can have no food? i have to get rid of my car? it's totally absurd! why the american people can't
4:07 am
see through this, this is fraud. but they are presenting to the american people this fraud. >> steve: because they're hyping it. in fact, yesterday the "new york times" wrote that barak obama could more than as the president -- emerge as the president who cried wolfment has all the cabinet members talking about the gloom and doom and if it doesn't, people are going to go issues wait a minute, that's not so bad. >> brian: they've let off 300 illegal immigrants from prison in anticipation of the sequester and now the administration says, that had nothing to do with us. >> gretchen: they blamed it on ice. >> steve: which is part of the administration. >> gretchen: we interviewed people in the 6:00 o'clock hour. many of the people they released are violent criminals. one of the questions we posed is what happens is there is another violent act? who will be responsible for that? if this was all for political gain, there could be a huge problem. >> brian: the guy that did it is now off. he says, i think i'll retire. >> steve: right.
4:08 am
but he also says it's completely unrelated. if one of those guys released does something bad, the democrats are going to blame the republicans 'cause they wouldn't cave on new tax. 6 minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. and earlier this morning, pope benedict saying good-bye to the cardinals at the vatican as he spends a quiet final day as pope. amy kellogg live in rome on this historic day. amy? >> hi, steve. historic because how often does a pope actually get to say good-bye properly to all of his princes, his cardinals and other close associates of the church. that's what's been going on this morning. pope benedict xvi pledging unconditional restorerrence and support of the -- reverence and support of the next pope, trying to put aside those bits of speculation that he could somehow interfere with the work of his successor. he said he wants the college of
4:09 am
cardinals to work like an orchestra, in harmony with agreement and church leaders from around the world all convened here in rome are remembering this pontiff, paying tribute and here is what the archbishop of westminster had to say. >> he's lovely. he's absolutely lovely. i had a number of metings with him when he was in the congregation of the doctrine of the faith and he was always the most courteous, the most attentive, the most sensitive of all the cardinals that we would visit. of course, there is the pope, i think he's been a most astonishing teacher of the faith and a guide to a deepening of the spiritual life of the church. and he's kept that lovely, open demeanor. >> he'll have lunch. he will then have a rest presumably before he gets into a helicopter and heads off to the
4:10 am
papal summer residence, 12 miles southeast of rome. it's apparently a spectacularly beautiful site that's actually bigger, the grounds are bigger than vatican city itself is. it was built on the grounds of a villa, constructed by an early roman emperor. it's got fish ponds and gardens, cattle, and those cats that the pope loves so much. he is a cat lover, we understand. we've heard much about that. apparently there is even a billiard room there and beautiful gilt furniture. it will president-elect obama be heard to leave that -- it will probably be hard to leave that. >> steve: thank you very much on a roof top where she'll be watching for some white puffs of smoke in no time. >> gretchen: now to the rest of your headlines. the obama administration accused of threatening veteran journalist bob woodward.
4:11 am
he challenged president obama on the sequester, saying he's trying to move the goal post for tax hikes. that's when the president's economic advisor e-mailed woodward. >> he said, you're focusing on a few specific trees that gives a very wrong impression of the forest. but perhaps we will just not see eye to eye. says, i think you will regret staking out that claim. >> gretchen: the white house says this is a misunderstanding. senior advisor to the president tweeting, watching woodward the last two days is like imagining my idol facing live pitching again. perfection gained once is rarely repeated. slam. a tv news anchor safe at home this morning after being reported missing. family members contacted police yesterday morning when they couldn't get in touch with her. it's believed they found her at her home.
4:12 am
the 48-year-old works in california. released documents to wikileaks, jeopardizing our army men and women and in a few hours, bradley manning will break his silence on why he did it. he will tell a judge it was an attempt to, quote, spark a debate on foreign policy. he's facing 22 charges, including aiding the enemy. he could receive life behind bars. the voice behind the etrade baby will get his own late night comedy show? >> i'm on a red eye back from a bachelor party with my buddy mike, who is a terrible, terrible dancer. what up, mike? >> hey, dude. >> how he dances. >> gretchen: pbs ordered a four-week run with a movie set to premiere in the fall and air after "conan." will he have the baby? will the baby be part of his act? >> steve: that's what people love. looks like it will be him.
4:13 am
>> brian: he'll be broadcasting in cable. meanwhile, the tooth fairy getting more nervous by the day. new going rate, generous, going right for baby teeth, it's not going to be easy. >> steve: and the president has been warning americans of the sequester for several scary weeks. >> a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester, but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> steve: i tell you what, the guy who actually invented the sequester with some help from his colleagues on capitol hill say the president not being completely truthful. former senator phil gramm coming up next [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious?
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4:16 am
>> people will lose their jobs. it will jeopardize our military
4:17 am
readiness. it will eviscerate job creating investments and thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off, tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. the sequester will weaken america's economic recovery. it will weaken our military readiness. this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> steve: that sounds awful. over the last week, president obama has warned tomorrow's looming scare quester will have dire consequences and cripple the nation. our next guest says don't worry action the world won't end and he knows because back in 1986, he helped invent the sequester. joining us is phil gramm. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: first of all, people probably don't realize you're the guy who invented the southwester and more importantly, we have already been through the sequester in 1986. >> well, i did invent the
4:18 am
process and the idea was to force congress and the president to make hard choices. in this case, those hard choices weren't made. we're going to have a sequester go into effect. exactly the same thing happened in 1986. the sequester was a little bit smaller, but there were all these dire predictions. it went into effect, the world did not come to an end. the washington monument was not shut down. and while reducing spending by $85 billion in spending authority and only $44 billion less in this fiscal year will have some effect, it's not going to have a huge macro economic effect and it is much, much smaller than the president's tax increase that went into effect in january, much smaller. so to say this is going to be negative but have a huge impact
4:19 am
and to not note that that had a substantial, multiple impact, i think is just not presenting a balanced picture. >> steve: and that's why we booked you so you could explain this. what the president isn't telling people is that he actually has considerable leeway. okay, there is going to be an across the board cut of, as it turns out, 44 billion this year, across all the agencies. but to people at the agencies can kind of figure out okay. should we lay people off or not go to vegas this year. >> well, and also note we're going toe than we spent last year, even after these cuts and we're going to spend 30% more than we spent in 2007. it's important to set that in context. now, the president has some flexibility in the process and congress can give the president
4:20 am
more flexibility. i would do it by simply giving the agencies the ability to request program changes, but have congress or the committees of jurisdictions be able to approve it so that you're not giving one person the ability to change the spending priorities of the country. and also this argument that the across the board cuts or meat cleaver, well, obviously they're not perfect. no formula is perfect. but it perfectly preserves the priorities of congress and the president. the president had an opportunity to change this and didn't do it. >> steve: ultimately, it looks like they're going -- the leaders of congress are going to meet with the president tomorrow on the same day that the sequester kicks in. nothing is going to happen, is it? >> well, why meet after it's happened? why not meet today? why not have met last month or last year?
4:21 am
the problem is we missed the opportunity and i look at the two very successful examples in my political career, ronald reagan and bill clinton, where we had bipartisanship. we produced extraordinary political results. they didn't meet with congress the day after bad things happened. they met before bad things happened. so bad things didn't happen. i mean. >> steve: good point. >> it's a question of blame or leadership. we're heavy on one and short on the other. >> steve: you're exactly right. phil gramm from the great state of texas, he's the gramm in gramm rudman. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: see, we lived through it in the '80s. well, you thought this was bad? turns out paying for this federal employee's vegas bubble bath was one of the cheapest
4:22 am
conferences federal taxpayers picked up. we're going to show you the bill that just came in. plus, one of the oldest stories being told in a brand-new way. the bible brought to life by that hollywood power couple, mark burnett and roma downey, they explain how and why coming up next
4:23 am
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>> brian: time for news by the numbers. 3.78. that's today's pain at the pump. the average price for a gallon of gas up a whopping 42 cents a month. 77%. that's the increase in female gun ownership in 2005 to 2011.
4:26 am
2.42, that's how much the tooth fairy handed out in 2012. that according to delta dental. up 32 cents from the year before. >> gretchen: that's lot of work for her to make exact change like that. >> brian: she works at night. sleeps all day. >> steve: hang on for a day shift. meanwhile, it's a story nearly everybody knows, told like never before, epic ten-part minute year series brings to life the bible, retelling stories from the scripture for a whole new generation. >> baptize me.
4:27 am
>> gretchen: wow. pretty powerful. joining us, the power couple behind the mini series called "the bible." mark burnett, you know him from "survivor" and his wife, actress roma downey. good to see both you together. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i'm looking so forward to this series because it looks like the entire family can watch it together. >> it really is family programming and it's for young or old. more importantly, it's for teen-agers. we have three teen-agers and gave them some advice, please, don't make the special effects lame. we knocked it out of the park. >> the great news is just this last week they took a clip into their high school and they screened it for the whole school body. so we know that we must have got it right. >> steve: that's terrific because kids that age, it's so hard to get them to put down their iphones and stuff. what really becomes critical are the stories you tell because
4:28 am
they've got somehow be something that the kid and the vast viewing audience of all age, would find interesting today. >> big battle scenes in the old testament, obviously, epic stuff with parting of the red sea, jericho walls come down, daniel in the lion's den. of course, jesus walking on water. really, really epic stuff. we go right through to revelation. >> brian: you do the old testament and new testament. how is it broken down? many go into each series? we have five for the old testament and five for the new. we'll be on five weeks. it's five next sunday, with the finale on easter sunday. >> brian: i thought it was amazing to see "jaws" become a movie. how intimidating does it to get the bible in a tv series. did that intimidate you, too? >> we took it seriously and hired lots of advisors and theologians. rick warren, bishop jakes, it's a big advisory. but once you commit, you just
4:29 am
got to do it. >> gretchen: let me ask you why it was so important for you personally to do this, because let's face it, sometimes in hollywood, talking about christianity and the fact that you're a big believer is not necessarily really popular to make into a tv series. >> you know what? i think we're ahead of the game in that next year the bible will be really popular in hollywood. i mean, first one coming out is "noah" with russell crowe. >> brad pitt will be pontius pilate. >> that will be interesting. we made it 'cause we love the bible. we have also think there is a sense of biblical illiteracy, embarrassingly within american right now. >> brian: did your tv series let america know or that they care, the success of your tv series let everybody know you can put out a series that had the right values? >> i think absolutely. i think people are hungry for hope. people are hungry for meaning in their lives. people are hungry for god.
4:30 am
and the series presents the bible in fresh, visual ways, but ultimately i think it will connect in their hearts. >> steve: it sounds terrific and we've seen a little of it so we look forward to seeing it. it will premiere sunday on the history channel at 8:00 p.m. eastern, march 3. you can find the series on dvd a month later. >> brian: what is harder, dealing with the bible or donald trump, and especially "celebrity apprentice"? >> he's watching right now. he watches you guys all the time. you're wearing his tie. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: and i got another tie. >> gretchen: if only i could wear a tie. [ laughter ] congratulations and we all look forward to watching it. >> love you guys. >> gretchen: thank you so much. >> brian: thanks a lot. >> steve: that's quite a title, executive producer, the bible. >> brian: right. what's the follow-up? >> steve: yeah. coming up, should our government really be releasing illegal immigrants ahead of the
4:31 am
sequester? rush limbaugh is here. >> brian: i'm going to learn how to walk on my hands. is that possible? that, i can't do and survive. >> gretchen: you're limber. >> steve: it's easier than walking on water. >> brian: that's true! give me that. very certain people. ♪ love and marriage, love and marriage ♪ ♪ go together like a horse and r carriage ♪ ♪ ach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> since hugh jackman and anne hathaway went to washington, they gotten that whole "les mis" attitude. look at today. look what happened today. ♪ people are concerned about the deficit and the debt ♪ ♪ we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. ♪ why, why ♪ a message [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's hysterical. >> steve: they're going to get together for a quartet tomorrow. >> brian: why would you get together on the day it happened, what phil gramm said. it makes no sense! >> gretchen: photo op. some said it's for a photo op so later on the president could say he tried to get together and solve the crisis. >> steve: that's right. and of course, in the last week or so, we've heard about the sequester is coming.
4:36 am
there are going to be big cuts everywhere. the department of homeland security, extraordinarily, the ice division said we don't know how we'll be able to keep all these illegals on ice in jail, so let's go ahead and release 300 of them, mainly in the state of arizona. well, unfortunately, once that hit the fan, people are going, wait a minute. are you taking responsibility for this white house? the white house said no. it's not us, it's ice! then you've got the guy who runs this particular division, gary mede, he said, by the way, i'm retiring. so who is responsible and where is the accountability for doing something that is absolutely bone headed? >> brian: rush limbaugh weighed in on this earlier. let's listen. >> you know, this really is unprecedented. it's not getting any attention. it's not getting any comment ary whatsoever. it's barely being reported.
4:37 am
this is serious stuff. the president of the united states has opened up the jails! the president of the united states, because of budget cuts, which have not happened yet, has released 500 or so illegal immigrants. and by definition of law, they are criminals. now, i know obama thinks that he's harming republicans. this is exacting harm on the country and it's entirely unnecessary. none of these so-called budget cuts are necessary, none of this panic is necessary. i mean, this is the infantile, childish rants of a spoiled brat! it's really uncanny. in my lifetime, it is unprecedented and it is a kind
4:38 am
of madness. >> gretchen: i think both political parties should be upset if, in fact, this happened and it didn't need to happen and it could put the safety of americans potentially in jeopardy. who then will be responsible? i would think both political parties would be upset with this. >> brian: can you wait 'til saturday to say there's a deal? it cost 1 $64 a day to keep them in jail. this is unbelievable! this was a question by the sheriff. he said if this place was located near the white house or near chicago, would he have done that to the people where he lives or used to live? the people of arizona, there are some democrats there who probably aren't happy that there were 300 people that belong in custody running around. >> gretchen: that's my point. he's not best friends with governor jan brewer. they've gone head to head over the immigration in that state. it's not surprising it would be arizona. >> steve: the good news is the government says hey, even though we released them, we're monitoring them. >> gretchen: how? >> steve: and they will be not
4:39 am
let off the hook. >> brian: i feel better. i feel so much better now. >> gretchen: i don't. >> steve: people kept coming into the country illegally. when it's time for their hearing, they'll just show up. you watch. it's all going to happen. >> brian: i believe. >> gretchen: now the other headlines. remember the las vegas bash. how could you forget this picture held by the gsa that cost more than $800,000. it was only the tip of the iceberg. a new report shows taxpayers paid $340 million for nearly 900 conferences last year. that includes 89 million for defense department events. the number includes event actually that cost at least $100,000. so the total much higher. congressman darrell issa is outraged. >> we can fix government, but we're not going to fix government by people complaining that any cut somehow is unfair when these are so obvious. >> gretchen: the gsa only had three event last year after its lavish spending was exposed on those trips. >> brian: remember how expensive that smoking clown was. >> gretchen: we never found out
4:40 am
what he charged per hour. >> brian: i have a hunch. >> steve: new developments in that deadly shooting right on the las vegas strip outside the bellagio. a new video surface of the suspect, amar harris, bragging about his luxury lifestyle and flashing a task $100 bills. police say the ex-convict was driving the suv and fired the shot that caused the crash that left three people dead. it is believed he fled the state. also new this morning, investigators say 22-year-old woman is no longer a person of interest this the case. >> brian: jewelry thieves underestimating their target. cameras catching an owner wielding axes. the owner ran out and stopped them. the crooks got a few piece of jewelry. that's it. and some bumps and bruises as well. >> steve: 80 something? >> brian: 81. >> gretchen: 911 is meant for emergencies. someone forgot to tell this guy.
4:41 am
>> 911, your emergency? >> yes. just hung up on me. >> i asked if you had an emergency you said no, you needed a cheeseburger. so we don't take cheeseburger orders. >> gretchen: crazy. gregory jackson called 911 eight more times trying to order a cheeseburger. cops showed up at his house, but not to deliver a cheeseburger. to arrest him. 591-year-old has been arrest -- 51-year-old has been arrested for a string of booze-related crimes. there we have the answer to why. it's probably the only number he could think of particularly in that state. >> steve: let's go out to janis dean in new york city where it's drizzly right now. >> i came back from our car ride, steve. the poor guy from "consumer reports" is like is your driver's license really expired? [ laughter ] is there a police officer around? but i'm back. everything is good. no tickets, nothing. and it's spritzing out here now. the sun is trying to come out. here in the northeast, we are dealing with the same storm
4:42 am
system that brought feet of snow across the central plains, wind gusts in excess of 80 miles an hour and it's riding up along the great lakes region, up towards the northeast. you can see where it's rain along the coast, interior sections still getting a lot of snow. you can see the counter clockwise activity. that's the upper level low basically across the great lakes. temperatures are going to remain cools we head into the weekend. even into early next week. so 33 in chicago. 32 in cleveland. what it really feels like with the wind out there, feels like 17 in rapid city. 4 in denver. 20 in kansas city. the countdown to spring is on. tomorrow is the first day of march. just got to make it to the 20th. there is your morning travel. we could see delays in chicago as well as portland with a system moving onshore there. and as we look at some of the other big cities across the country, boston, late volume now, maybe later you could see delays. new york, call ahead. it's been really busy over the last couple of days. all right. chulo, are you showing us where the sun is coming out?
4:43 am
there it is. ♪ the sun will come out today ♪ yeah. no broadway plans for this weather person. [ cheering ] >> steve: here? inn a minute, she'll be dialing 911 asking for a cheeseburger. >> gretchen: she's more optimistic than annie 'cause she says the sun will come out today. not tomorrow. >> there it is. there is the sun. >> brian: walk toward the light. ♪ here comes the sun ♪ . >> steve: the angelic janis dean. thank you. >> gretchen: from the bible to the heavens. still ahead, john stossel here to play find the waste. we're helping the government find cut it is can make instead of the military. >> steve: plus, brian tries to impress olympic gold medalist my kayla maroney with his gymnastic skills. >> brian: that's easy. >> steve: yeah. we'll find out. >> gretchen: start that stretch in your groin. >> brian: i did already. >> gretchen: good. >> brian: i stretched during the weather cast i'm doing my own sleep study.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: 2012 games, mckayla maroney won a gold medal and silver for individual vault. remember this picture? the cameras captured her expression and all over the internet, people called it unimpressed. today she'll impress us by showing off some of her moves. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: you still have your sunny disposition. it's funny, because you are so upbeat. yet, that was the thing that went viral. >> i know, right? gosh. >> gretchen: so you even had the president do that particular look. but you're moving on. >> i'm moving on. i'm impressed. i have my new thing i'm working with 7-up so. impressed with their 10-calorie drink. >> gretchen: so show me. only 10 calories? >> yeah, you have to try the 7-up. i'll open it for you. >> gretchen: this is the 7-up. we have a and w root beer. why are you getting behind this?
4:48 am
i know you have to be healthy. >> exactly. that's definitely why i was, first of all, impressed because i've been contacted by a lot of different things. this is 10 calories. my coach was okay with this deal. he was like oh, that's perfect. >> gretchen: you're already preparing for the games in rio. >> yep. i'm already back in the gym. first i have to get ready for worlds. but 2016 is on my mind and i'm really excited. >> gretchen: you have three broken bones after the last olympics. >> yes. >> gretchen: you had surgery? >> yes. i had three different surgeries. i competed with two broken bones at the olympics and broke something else after it. it's been a little crazy for me. but i'm all healed now and feeling good. >> gretchen: since you're feeling good, we decided it would grab if you could give brian a little gymnastics lesson. i have horrible tennis elbow, so i would love to do the hand stand, instead, brian, get over here. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: yeah. >> brian: i have two knee replacements and my hip has gone bad. but it's okay. >> gretchen: what are you going to teach him? >> what do you want to learn? >> brian: i want a complicated
4:49 am
floor routine. >> can do you a hand stand maybe? >> brian: oh, yeah. what else? >> okay. >> brian: first show me the basis of a hand stand because basically i have not done it. >> okay. i'll have to teach you the basics. first you put your hands down and go upside down. like that. >> gretchen: all right. brian, come on. >> brian: i put my hands down. and i twist at the end and i come down on my hands. >> you don't have to do the twist part. you got to start like this. oh, god. >> gretchen: that's a head stand! >> brian: okay. how do i get down? >> i'm impressed. >> get his wallet! >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> it just got real. oh, god. he needs to watch his neck. >> brian: i feel like i can stay threw forever. >> gretchen: what about a back flip? >> sure, i can do it. you want to do it with me? >> brian: sure. >> one, two, three, go.
4:50 am
>> brian: yeah, i'm not gog do that. oh, we're out of time? stossel is next. >> what about the splits? could learn the splits? >> yeah. >> brian: i got to see this. there you go. >> you don't want to rip your pants. >> brian: here we go. >> gretchen: that's so much more than i thought you could do. >> brian: that's about as far as i can go. how long have you been able to do that? >> i started gymnastics when i was two. so forever. >> brian: that's the problem. i'm a little bit of a late start. >> gretchen: you're an inspiration to so many people out there and adults. thanks so much. continued success. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: another olympics for you? >> of course. >> gretchen: let's head out to steve and john stossel. >> steve: brian, do you need the adville yet? >> brian: that will be in the break. >> steve: all right. coming up, can the white house really not afford to make budget cuts? john stossel knows a few of the
4:51 am
programs that could goo go and we're -- what is that? >> the president said you can't take a meat cleaver to the budget. >> steve: you have a meat cleaver. >> we can. we should. >> steve: i'm going to put my fingers over here. he's up next. first on this day in 1980, "crazy little thing called love" by queen, number one. chop that [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:53 am
4:54 am
>> it use has meat cleaver approach to gut critical investments. >> steve: the president warns that the sequester would hack
4:55 am
away at government programs. but is that necessarily a bad thing? >> brian: john stossel says no and americans won't believe what washington is wasting your money on. >> gretchen: that's why john is going to put us to the test in the game he calls real or fake. good morning to you, mr. trebek. >> good morning. you ready? you got your signs there. so the critical programs, are these real or fake that the government paid for? the government spent $686,000 on a study of world of war craft games and etsy artists. real or fake? okay. it was real! >> steve: of course it is. >> two of you are ahead. the government spent $100,000 to test the water pressure in new york city public housing? real, real, come on brian. fake. now you're even because brian caught up there. >> steve: they didn't spend the money on it?
4:56 am
>> they did not. >> steve: why not? >> it was a trick! >> brian: i got to find out what etsy means, but later i guess. spent $35,000 on a library book dispensing machine. >> steve: i hope so. >> gretchen: i'm just saying true on everything. >> steve: me, too. >> gretchen: brian says fake on everything. >> brian, you're wrong. in this case, they did spend that money. >> steve: because that way if they had a library dispensing machine, they wouldn't have to pay the person the salary. they're probably thinking we could save money. >> brian: unless you have a librarian load the machine. >> one of those critical investments that we can't touch. >> gretchen: number 4. >> the government spent $2.3 million to build a pedestrian walkway under interstate 5 in california? >> steve: of course they did. >> you're all wrong! >> gretchen: it sounds like it could be real. >> it's fake. let's do one more. the government spent $7 million
4:57 am
to research a more natural rubber to use in tires? >> steve: i know that's true. >> brian is wrong on everything. it is true also. that's why i say, a meat cleaver wouldn't be so bad. they maybe are taking a pairing knife, except they aren't even taking that because spending still goes off after the sequester. >> brian: this is totally in your ballpark. you've been saying these things and talking about cuts and waste for the longest time and now the whole country is talk being it. they've come full circle to the stossel line of thought. >> except their saying, oh, these cuts! we'll have no fresh meat and long lines at airport security! that's the fireman first principle, that they trot out a president's stance. >> gretchen: what's been your stance that there has been a change in tune? >> let's see next week what the tune is. >> steve: i hope you're right. >> 'cause we're going broke. >> steve: what about your show tonight? >> we do this test on my show
4:58 am
tonight and we show what you could really do to the budget. what ought to be done. >> brian: he's holding the meat cleaver 'cause that's what the president said will happen if this goes through. he prefer a scalpel. >> steve: all right. john, thank you very much. real good job. real good. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," looking to refinance or stuck in a short sale? bob massi is opening up the mail bag answering your real estate questions. >> brian: this girl is raising serious eyebrows. should a 7-year-old be allowed to give people tattoos? because she is. >> steve: she is 7 already. >> brian: right. it's bring your daughter to workday. i didn't think it was to actually do the work [ female announcer ] she did a full day at the office, went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs.
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so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done" with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duraxt rugged phone for $69.99, you'll get four free. other offers available. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is february 28.
5:02 am
it's thursday. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. we have a lot to get to. the president has been scaring americans now for weeks about sequester, claiming we could lose first responders and air traffic controllers if congress can't get a deal done. but last night things seemed to be changing. see what you think. >> a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester. but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> gretchen: what happens to the impending crisis and the red flag that's been waving all week? we'll break down the details for you. >> steve: meanwhile, he dared to challenge the president on his facts. now bob journalist, the world famous journalist, bob woodward, he broke the watergate scandal and he says this white house is threatening him, threatening him, and he's got an e-mail to prove it. >> brian: i bet you could really use that tax refund this year. guess what? don't count on it. the bad news from the irs. >> steve: oh, oh. >> brian: "fox & friends"
5:03 am
starts. >> brian: now. >> steve: now, you're looking at anna in tampa, bush gardens with -- they look like ostricheses, but i think they're something else, aren't they? >> yeah. these are emus, brother and sister. a year old. today we are highlighting the new animal care center here at bush garden, tampa. you got to stay tuned on "fox & friends," you'll only see it here. a cheetah is being examined. we're having a blast and we hope you'll stay with us. >> brian: what's going to happen to the cheetah? >> it's going to have a routine exam. they have yearly checkups and so we're going to be checking the teeth and the claws and all of that. we're praying and hoping and crossing our fingers that it doesn't wake up.
5:04 am
>> steve: that's the world's fastest mammal, so be careful. >> brian: you're a track star, so why doesn't anna race the cheetah? >> it will be knocked out, thankfully. maybe i'll race the emus. how about that? >> gretchen: i heard they're pretty fast. >> come on, here we go. [ laughter ] >> steve: they follow direction well. all right. an in na is on the road in tam -- anna is on the road. >> gretchen: we'll check back with her in just a minute. a live look at the vatican. earlier this morning, the pope said good-bye to his cardinals. he will fly away in a helicopter, wave, and shut the door. he will, in his own words, be hidden for the rest of his life. tv news anchor safe at home after being reported missing.
5:05 am
her family contacted police yesterday morning when they couldn't get in touch with her. they found her later that night at her home. the 48-year-old works at a tv station in santa barbara, california. good news there. he released hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks, jeopardizing our army men and women. in a few hours, bradley manning will break his silence on why. according to a prepared statement, manning is going to say that he wanted to, quote, spark a domestic debate on the role of our military and foreign policy. manning is trying to convince a judge to accept a guilty plea to some of the 22 charges that he faces. he could receive life behind bars for aiding the enemy. he got all the right moves. check out prince harry. dancing with children at a school for the deaf in south africa. it's the 28-year-old's first goodwill trip since returning from afghanistan. he says he hopes his late mother is proud of all his charity work as well. >> steve: people love him. >> brian: they do.
5:06 am
>> gretchen: you never know what harry is going to do. in a inn that case, it was good. >> steve: i think he's done everything. there is not much left after playing billiards naked in las vegas. >> gretchen: yes. what stays in vegas, whatever. >> brian: that's still on my bucket list. >> gretchen: after the splits and a hand stand? >> brian: right. that was 7 on my bucket list. >> gretchen: okay. what about sequestration? >> brian: that is on no one's bucket list but on our things to experience list. >> gretchen: it's coming tomorrow. >> steve: it will go into effect tomorrow night at midnight. and we have heard from the president and his men and women over the last couple of weeks, it's going to be terrible, right? it's interesting, the "new york times" wrote, if things don't actually -- if they're not actually as bad as he suggests, barak obama could emerge as the president who cried wolf, which is not good for his teflon reputation. listen to him last night. suddenly he's realizing, maybe they're not buying this. i should change my tune. here is the new tune.
5:07 am
>> unless your business is directly related to the defense department, unless you live in a town that is directly impacted by a military installation, unless you're a family that now is trying to figure out where to keep your kids during the day because you just lost a head start slot, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester. but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> gretchen: it's interesting to see the president changing his tune so dramatically. i think the way to sum it up is that the strategy here didn't work this time. it did work back in december when he pressured republicans to raising taxes over the debt ceilings. the republicans gave in. this time around, tried the same strategy. pushed the republicans saying this is a tax and revenue problem. not a spending problem. but did americans wake up at the same time that republicans decided they were not going to budge this time? it put the president in a corner
5:08 am
where many believe that he overplayed his hand this time and got to a point where his credibility would really be the thing that the meat cleaver would become after come saturday if some of these scare tactics did not come to fruition. >> in a few days congress might allow a series of immediate, painful, arbitrary budget cuts to take place, known in washington as the sequester. congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness. it will eviscerate job creating investments in education and energy and medical research. early education like head start and early start would be eliminated for nearly 1,000 children. border patrol agents will see their hours reduced. f.b.i. agents will be furloughed.
5:09 am
federal prosecutors will have to close cases. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks and that means delays at airports across the country. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care for medicare and flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. these cuts are wrong. they're not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen. >> brian: and in honesty, him and jack lew proposed it and told congress to pass it and to congress' detriment, they did? it's gone from it's a crisis, a cliff, to it will be a tumble. i think it's too early to say the president overplayed his hand. it looks like he feels like he overplayed his hand. it looks to us and to you like he overplayed his hand.
5:10 am
we won't really know until it happens. and they're gonna have a meeting tomorrow. i'm talking about congressional leaders, mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi. they'll be on the roster. they'll be called out. harry reid will say i'm there and john boehner says i'm going, but i'm going to listen. you know they're going to get a sheet of paper, it's going to come from the white house that says, sign here to avoid it. >> gretchen: why the last day? i mean, many people -- >> gretchen: optics. messaging. this administration talked about being the most transparent administration ever. in this case, it might be the opposite reaction about being transparent because is this too transparent? the idea that you come together on the final day and what are you going to really get done at that point in time? >> brian: he's got something planned. they're not winging it. that's going to be exciting. we'll cover it. now, this thing blew up in my mind and i think in yours, too, when bob woodward came forward, hardly the right wing hack, tell that to richard nixon, tell that to george bush and said, when i interviewed our president for
5:11 am
our book, he told me it was his idea. and he also told me that -- he also said there is not -- there is going to be just tax cuts. they're not look for revenue in terms of a solution for it. unlike what we've been hearing publicly. they got pushback from the white house. but bob woodward says no, i'm sticking with this. over the weekend, he not only is it sticking with it, he wrote an editorial and said listen, i'm going to give gene sperling, who has been on, i'm going to give you a heads up. i believe what i believe. i believe you guys have it wrong and it was your idea. and it was a 30-minute, according to bob woodward, screen fest where he was on the receiving end and warned not to do this. >> gretchen: it's a game changer. i really think this played into the president really toning down his rhetoric about the scare tactics because when you have bob woodward now questioning the truth of what's coming out of the white house, as brian said, mostly a friend to the white house, i think you have a big problem if you're the president
5:12 am
and you don't really want to get into a sparring match, especially when it has come now to bob woodward feeling like he was threatened by the white house to stay quiet. listen to this. >> you're focusing on a few specific trees that gives a very wrong impression of the forest. but perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here. says, i think you will regret staking out that claim. >> steve: see, that's the part, you will regret, which mr. woodward says clearly is a threat. he goes on and he talks a little bit and he was reading verbatim off of the e-mail, apparently from, they say it was gene sperling, the president's money guy. but bob woodward says, you know, i can take it. i can take threats. i've been in washington a very long time. but a new reporter gets a call where the white house yells at you for a half hour, that can affect your coverage. >> brian: that's what their
5:13 am
theory was for screaming at fox for the last 4 1/2 years and it hasn't. david plouffe comes out again and points to bob woodward as a washed up reporter. saying on twitter, watching him is like imagining my idol, mike schmidt, facing live pitching again, perfection game once is rarely repeated. >> gretchen: that is a stinging rebuke of bob woodward. but the thing is, bob woodward is not backing down. he's saying reagan would not have done some of these scare tactics. he's saying george bush would not have done some of these scare tactics. i don't think he's going to back down on what he thinks he heard during all of these interviews. >> brian: to be specific, woodward came back and said for them not to send an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf because of a piece of paper, could you imagine ronald reagan not doing that? not sending the uss harry truman somewhere else? can you imagine george bush saying we're not going to have a war in afghanistan or iraq or bill clinton saying we're not going to bomb saddam hussein because of a piece of paper? that makes no sense.
5:14 am
mike bloomberg later on says, i know posturing. this is posturing. >> steve: right. we should point out that after mr. woodward said hey, that guy threatened me, the white house came out and said he was not being threatened. he was simply apologizing for that half an hour tirade that they had on the phone. what do you think? do you think woodward was being threatened or do you think it was just a weird apology? e-mail us. >> brian: that would be a weird apology. >> gretchen: you can tweet us as well. coming up, help for homeowners all across the country. bob massi opening up his mail bag to answer the three most asked questions about real estate. >> brian: she says she wants to be just like dad. but should a 7-year-old actually give people tattoos. >> steve: she's really good at it. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
>> brian: each week we get hundreds of e-mails for looking into rebuilding your dream segment. so we're going to read three. real estate expert bob massi is here to answer those questions. bob, these are some of the best three. you ready? >> yes, sir. >> brian: all right. let's go. i've tried to sell our house for over the past three years, with you no success. we will like to give the house back to the lender. my mom has $100,000 cd with my name and my brother's name on it. could i lose this money if our house goes back to the lender? >> it depends if, in fact, the lender ultimately forecloses on the house. if they live in a state that's what we call a recourse state where the lender could sue them for the deficiency, the difference between what's owed and what the value was and they get a judgment, yes, that money could be vulnerable. but that's a long way away. they need to find out if they live in a recourse state and then you can determine how vulnerable that money is.
5:19 am
>> brian: allall right. another one, i heard your segment on the guidelines start not guilty june this year in preference to the fha mortgage insurance. if we refinance, will the new law apply? >> okay. last week we talked about fha, any house you buy, brian, after june of this year, the mortgage insurance is the life of the loan. however, if you have an existing fha now, and you refinance, you won't have the insurance, brian, for the life of the loan, but the new rates that have been bumped up for mortgage insurance will apply to your loan. so you will be paying more, but not for the life of the loan. >> brian: question number three, wells fargo has agreed to a short sale for him. however, they want me to sign a promissory note of $4,000 or $66 a month for five years. what do you think? >> here is the deal, brian. sometimes whenever you do a short sale, you have that deficiency that's owed. and the lender wants to see the homeowner contribute some money and the homeowner doesn't have
5:20 am
the money. so some lenders still will say listen, give us a promissory note, as silly as it sounds, pay us $100 a month for the no, ma'am five years and we'll approve the short sale. it's not as prevalent as it was a couple years ago, but you still have some lenders that want some commitment from that homeowner that they're going to pay a small portion of that deficiency money back. and that's exactly why. if you don't have the money, don't do it. >> brian: bob, real quick. some say the rally on wall street has a lot to do with the good news from the housing market. are you a believer that it's coming back? >> here is my problem, first of all, it's good that it's coming back in some areas like vegas and florida. however, as long as you have these foreclosures start cropping back up, you still are going to see some of the prices vacillate back and forth. so i'm not convinced 100% that there has been -- but electric has been good news -- but there has been good news. >> brian: e-mail bob if you want your question answered on the show.
5:21 am
rebuilding your dream. thanks a lot. all right. thanks a lot. have a great week. straight ahead, 40 years ago he was locked up and tortured in the hanoi hilton. today for the first time he's revealing what happened inside the prison walls and the secret code he used to stay alive. then, paying for this guy's bubble bath was just the tip of the iceberg. it turns out it was one of the cheapest conferences of all. you the taxpayer paid for it. and they had a smoking clown there
5:22 am
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>> steve: quick headlines for
5:25 am
you right now from the control room. subway's founder says prices are about to go up because of obamacare. he founded subway when he was just 17 years old and he says no one could be that successful today because there are too many government regulations. and china pulling out the old, well, they did it first argument, saying the u.s. hacked its military web site thousands of times per month. good. earlier this month we reported a secret group linked to china's military hacked several american web sites. now this. >> gretchen: they called it the hanoi hilton, sarcastically. a miserable prison in north vietnam where american soldiers were held during the vietnam war. it was a place of torture and solitary confinement. in many cases a tiny window like this was a prisoner area only
5:26 am
window to the world. even on their darkest days, our american soldiers still found a way to keep the faith. they communicated with each other using a top secret code that could be tapped on the walls. they shared words, phrases, and even poetry. retired air force major general john borling spent 6 1/2 years locked in the prison. he didn't see his daughter until she was 7 1/2. his commitment to his country never changed. now he's the author of "taps on the walls, homes from the hanoi hilton" and he's any guest. good to see you. >> pleased to be with you. >> gretchen: i gave a brief historical perspective of this amazing time period in your life. >> it was long ago and far away, but those poems that you reference and prose i mentally composed and kept memorized over those many years, tapped it through the walls or later was able to pass it verbally. so my wife would have legacy in case i died up there. i was part of the fortunate bunch that came out in february 40 years ago and i
5:27 am
guess it was about time to publish those things. intentionally personal -- intensely personal, my wife and i decided to do it. >> gretchen: you say that there is a down side to this. >> yeah. >> gretchen: to revisit ago terrible time in your life. >> well, you don't go back without some cost. i'm a big guy and believing you move forward in life. so the stories from back then, in fact, are relevant and the themes of those particular prose and poetry pieces are meant to make you laugh, crying and think. so -- cry and think. so there is perspective mostly painful, but most is look forward. >> gretchen: so give our viewers a sense of the kind of poetry and the messages that you were tapping inconspicuously, you hoped, unless you got caught, to other prisoners. what were your messages? >> first of all, we needed a chain of command. we needed to let people know we were alive. then you had to keep your mind active. you had to make time an ally.
5:28 am
you had to run a race that had an uncertain end. in my cakes one of the tools i used, because i had a little liberal arts background that exposed me to these things was to create verse. and to do it up front. sonnets, rhyme schemes, something easy to take, like looking at a picture so you don't have to read something and say god, what did he say? so you feel like a dummy on some of that stuff. my stuff is very easy to take for the hard work, there is a couple levels down burks it's meant to be uplifting. meant to be personal interest. >> gretchen: after 6 1/2 years, when you are released, you record this poetry right away with a tape recorder. >> you heard that story. it's in the book. when i went, still in a bath robe to get reels and things, the guy gave me this shoe box looking thing and it was a cassette recorder. i don't node a radio.
5:29 am
and so future shock took over after six years and eight months. >> gretchen: but it was so smart of you to do that because then it was part of your legacy and your history and you had it there. >> taps on the walls and i dedicated it to the library for back in the happened in this and they do a great thing of telling the story of the citizen soldier in chicago. it's a piece of my soul. so i would hope "taps on the wall" would be something people would treat gently. >> gretchen: piece of your soul, so aptly put. i know the 40th anniversary is coming up and you plan to have a reunion, which you don't often do. >> there are reunions, but awful us are so busy with our own lives. most of the guys keep marching, keep going forward. we're going to repraise that, president nixon's welcome home party in may in california. my wife and i will be going out to that. >> gretchen: general, people should check out this book and get a little bit of a glimpse into what you went through and how you survived those 6 1/2 years. called "taps on the walls, homes
5:30 am
for the hanoi hilton." thanks so much. >> thanks so much. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," get your running shoes on, anna is about to go inside a exam room with a 100-pound cheetah. it looks like it's a little under. plus, looking forward to your tax refund? nicole petallides has an update. >> good morning. if you are looking forward to the tax refund, you might be waiting a little longer than you originally anticipated because with the sequestration tomorrow, you may see the irs having to push back your tax refund a few days, few weeks maybe. i'll tell you all about it coming up look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice,
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>> brian: fox business alert. new weekly numbers are just in. they've just been released. nicole petallides from the "fox business" network joins us to tell us and to walk around and discuss the numbers like only she can at the new york stock exchange. nicole? >> the weekly jobless claims coming in, a little better than expected for the latest week. so 344,000 claims, slightly better than the estimate of 360,000. i also wanted to throw in gdp, gross domestic product in there. that came in a little worse than expected. so that was up one tenth of 1%
5:35 am
rather than the estimates of a half percent. when you talk about gdp, you're talk being our overall economy. consumer spending, government spending, trade. so you want the numbers to be great and you know what? we've seen not such great numbers and we saw actually our first number for contraction for gdp in 3 1/2 years. >> steve: so now what's curious is the fact that you see that number is a state you described, yet the stock market, wall street, which works behind you, is about to hit perhaps the highest number ever. >> that's right. we had our fifth highest close ever for the dow yesterday. you can actually thank ben bernanke. that's one reason, a very accommodating fed. also in europe, a little better sentiment about italy in particular, and also some other things. that's some of the reasons we're seeing the dow get closer to the all-time high. >> brian: here is the toughest question yet. if sequester happens tomorrow and they walk out of the meeting yelling, does the market react? >> you know, it's so hard to
5:36 am
know. however, when i talked to the traders, they don't seem to care about it just yet. one thing that we have noted was the taxes and the refunds and those may be actually pushed back. so if you do e filing, usually get them back in seven to ten days. if do you it by mail, you may get it several weeks. but that may be pushed back because the irs is working on other things and you may see workers furloughed. your refund won't be their priority. by the way, did you guys know that we have a starbucks here in the floor of the exchange? >> gretchen: now i'm really jealous. >> i get my mocha frappuccino every morning. this is how we start off. so maybe today will be the all-time high thanks to the drink. >> steve: fantastic. by showing them on tv, are you going to get a couple of free drinks over the next week or so? >> no, nothing is free. you know that. >> gretchen: bummer. 'cause they're pretty pricey. >> i know. you got to do what you got to do. >> gretchen: i was going to say
5:37 am
that. >> brian: you walked four miles during our show alone. >> that's right. all right. so that's how i get my exercise in. i'm getting ready to kick it off. >> gretchen: thanks so much. have a good rest of the week. now the rest of the headlines. not so nice welcome for new secretary of state john kerry in italy. secretary kerry getting heckled by a protester accusing the u.s. and european union of supporting terrorists. he was there announcing the u.s. is sending $60 million in new aid to syrian rebels for the first time. >> steve: he stole the show from president obama at the national prayer breakfast a couple of weeks ago. remember this? >> you make 10 billed, you put in a billion. you make $10, you put in one. some people say, well, that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10. where does it say you have to hurt the guy? >> steve: good point. now dr. ben carson revealing he
5:38 am
rejected multiple attempts from the white house to get an advance copy of his speech. they wanted to know what's going to say. carson says he does not write his speeches out or use teleprompters. zing. he will speak again at cpac, the conservative political action conference, which starts just in a couple of weeks. >> brian: all right. the gsa bash in las vegas cost $800,000. turns out it's really not that bad. it's just tip of the iceberg. new congressional report shows taxpayers paid 340 million bucks for nearly 900 conferences last year. if you want to cut something, maybe you could start there. that number includes events that cost at least $100,000. so the total figure, much higher. congressman darrell issa outraged. >> we can fix government, but we're not going to fix government by people complaining that any cut somehow is unfair when these are so obvious. >> brian: the gsa only had three event last year after its spending was exposed.
5:39 am
>> gretchen: she's 7 years old and already a tattoo artist. she's training at her dad's shop in abilene, texas. those are real people she's tattooing. she says she loves it and wants to be like her dad. >> are you nervous when do you it at all? you don't seem nervous. >> no. >> you're not nervous. you know that's forever, right, when do you that on somebody, do you want to be a tattoo artist? >> just like my daddy. >> gretchen: well, dad has been in the business since he was 14. he thinks his daughter will be ready bit time she turns 12. >> brian: that guy thinks she's ready now. >> steve: meanwhile, a rare sight on the shores of lake michigan. those are not bolders, although they look like it. they're giant balls of ice. when the ice breaks off the frozen lake, pieces are tossed into the waves and eventually form into those great big round things, which then wash up along the shore. interesting stuff. that's the kind of data we would usually get from janis dean, the
5:40 am
snowball machine who outside our world headquarters right now. >> steve, gretchen, brian, i'm a big fan of nicole petallides' stock walk, when she walks and talks. i think i'm going to do a weather walk. i'm going to talk about the weather while i walk. we're going to break down those temperatures right now. okay? so it's going to be cold in the northeast today. all along the east coast. up across portions of the midwest and the great lakes. and the cold temperatures are going to dip as far south as florida. then we've got our storm system across the upper midwest and the great lakes. >> steve: how would you describe the voice you're using right now? >> it's my weather walk voice. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> storm across the midwest and the great lakes and the northeast that might cause some flight delays. you want to check ahead if you're flying out. >> gretchen: this is fantastic. >> i can't see what we're talking about, but i'll just keep going. ted, tell me when we're going to stop. all right. and the highs on saturday, see how cold it is. it's going to be in florida. so make sure you have your
5:41 am
sweaters close by. >> brian: ted on camera is going to need a shower after this segment. >> ted on camera! there is any weather walk, everybody! >> steve: very nicely done. [ applause ] >> brian: the fact that she went in circles does not matter. >> gretchen: you realize we're going to expect that every day now. >> fantastic, it's the only time i'm going to get exercise. >> gretchen: okay. you're looking pretty fit. thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: so that's the weather walk, nicole will have her answer at some point, i'm sure. lions, tigers and cheetahs. anna kooiman is down there with the wild animals at bush gardens and knocked out a cheetah. why did you do that? >> my heart is racing a little bit here. we have a 100-pound cheetah. she's three years old. the 12,000 animals here have to get annual checkups. so i'm joined by dr. pete black. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you have a nice vet walk, to don't you? >> yeah, a little one. we all kind of maintain a
5:42 am
certain pose. >> he says he has one. first things first, how did you knock her out? is she trained to be able to take anesthesia? >> she is actually. she's trained to be hand injected. while she was getting a couple little snacks this morning action the -- >> meat balls. >> right. the keepers were able to give her an injection. she didn't flinch. they're tough. that didn't bother her and she fell asleep and we'll keep her asleep throughout the exam. >> during her annual checkup, what do you look at first? >> i usually start at the head and work back. we check to make sure everything looks normal and healthy. she's about three years old. so we're not looking to see too much abnormal. >> i can't believe we're this close to her mouth. >> that's the business end. >> can i touch? >> sure. go ahead. >> they're pretty sharp. >> they are. this is her adult teeth you're looking at there. >> we've got about 45 seconds. i want to make sure you wanted to show us her paws. >> they've got somewhat unusual paws for a cat.
5:43 am
their claws are nonretractable. most cats can retract their claws. these guys are out all the time. that's sort of to act as cleats when they're running to get a little extra traction. that's part of what helps them get that amazing speed. >> okay. on a dog, i know you have to file these down. does that ever bother them to have the claws? since they're not hunters here at bush garden, is that necessary? >> they actually wear them down as they're running and we keep up with those natural behaviors here. we have a little lure line that runs some feathers down and they can get really fast speed and they chase it down and round corners with it. so they really do actually still goat do those natural behaviors. >> so you try to keep their natural behaviors as much as what they would have in the wild? >> exactly. >> let's see some more. this tail is so long. >> exactly. >> what do you have to check? >> primarily used as a rudder as
5:44 am
they're running. there is a lot of zigging anding. ing as they chase their prey. they're chasing antelope. that tail counter after the accidents their body as they're moving back and forth. they go one way, the tail whips the other way so they don't fall overment we want to make sure it's well muscled and everything is nice and straight. that helps with her balance. hers looks great. normal length. she's in good body condition. >> beautiful. >> no worries there. >> okay. dr. black, thank you so much for your time and these guys are so incredible. everything from cheetahs and tigers to removing a cataract off of a frog's eye that is the size of a pinhead. amazing work they do here. back to you on the curvy couch, gretchen, brian and steve. >> gretchen: thank you so much for that behind the scenes look. >> steve: you wouldn't be pulling on the tail if he was awake. >> brian: you would think it's a rug. >> steve: kind of looks like it. >> brian: hey, you got a cheetah rug.
5:45 am
>> gretchen: coming up on the show, the king of beers accused of cutting back on the booze this morning, a big update on what's actually in your bud. >> brian: then in just a few hours, pope benedict xvi will officially step down. what happens next? they destroy his ring. the details you have not heard next [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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5:48 am
>> gretchen: somehow i feel like i should be walking. i'm going to give you the headlines. 46 minutes past the top of the hour. no buzz kill for a bud lab tests show anheuser-busch delivers the same alcohol content that it promises, this after lawsuits claiming the beer is actually watered down. he pretended to be a cop for months and months. the reason? christopher sharp was too embarrassed to tell his girlfriend he was really a pizza delivery boy. he would dress up like a police
5:49 am
officer and tell her stories of busting bad guys. he was arrested by the real cops. steve? >> steve: she should havely should asked why he comes home smelling like pizza. the pope saying good-bye. remember this is unprecedented. popes don't step down. they serve for life usually. so what can we expect pope benedict to do the rest of his life after he leaves tomorrow? let's talk to peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. you know, he said good-bye to the cardinals earlier in the day and he said, i will be with you in prayer and he pledged his duty and loyalty and fealty to the incoming pope, which was shown as a sign that there will be no conflict between him and now the pope emeritus and the new incoming pope who will be chosen by the conclave. he will fly later in the day to the summer retreat of the pope. he will stay there for a few months until his redense is
5:50 am
ready inside the vatican and then return at this time. it's interesting, though, the vatican will have a second helicopter for vatican television that will show him actually flying there. he will greet people in that town and that will be his last official act as pope of the universal church of the catholic church. >> steve: you have some details regarding his shoes, it's trivial -- >> the ring of the fishermen. fisher of men, referring to jesus and peter as the first pope. that will be damaged so it will never be used again. so the next pope will have his own ring. he will go back to wearing the ring that he wore as a cardinal before he became a pope. he's giving up those distinctive an that became a fashion item. >> steve: the prada shoes. >> in its place will be wearing simpler mexican loafers present to do him last year, i believe. so the trappings of office will
5:51 am
be gone. the swiss guard will be gone. he'll have a guard going forward. the conclave, perhaps, perhaps will begin in the next week. cardinals will be meeting. the entire administration of the vatican needs to resign and the college of cardinals in its place through the chamberlain will be making decisions in what's called the interregnum, the period between popes. the very interesting time in the catholic church and exciting time. >> steve: it is. very historic. peter johnson, jr., who wears many hats on this program. thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: up next, dynasty star linda evans teaming up to gretchen to put an end to senior citizen hunger. they're headed to the curvy couch to tell us about it. and the special honor they're about to both receive. first let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens in ten minutes. >> you're exactly right, steve. you and peter. this is history, you're going to watch it along with us this
5:52 am
morning. when a pope officially retires, we'll have it for you. there is breaking news on the economy. new numbers to report on that. and reports of this christian american pastor being tortured in iran. we'll talk to his family about that this morning. and how much would you pay to gain access to the president? it's on. there is a dollar amount. martha and i will tell you about that when we see you in ten minutes [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are oosing advil®. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and for sinus congestion, now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief.
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5:55 am
>> brian: you may remember our next guest as crystal carrington. today she's play ago different role with gretchen carlson. >> steve: today they are working together to wipe out senior hunger in america and are both getting honored tonight by the national foundation to end
5:56 am
senior hunger. joining us, actress and award recipient, linda evans. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: how did you get involved with this particular cause? >> brian: i'll ask gretchen, how did you get involved? >> gretchen: let's have linda go first. >> well, linda gray and i were in washington, d.c. a couple of years ago. they had a meals for moms, meals on wheels did a program, and i became aware of the shocking statistics of how many seniors are going hungry every night when they go to bed. i mean, in america, this is amazing to me. and once i found that out, i said i have to do something about it. what can we do? >> gretchen: so she became the spokesperson for -- it's a spinoff from the meals on wheels foundation, which is now doing what it can to help these seniors not go to bed hungry. as you say, the stats are amazing. the top ten states, mississippi has the highest rate of seniors
5:57 am
facing hunger. it's gone up sips the recession. here are the states. my own personal experience was just that luckily i grew up with great role models who believed in helping out and i did a lot with the meals on wheels and that's how i got involved in this organization. also being honored is a restauranteur and talk show host. for her efforts as well. you are the official spokesperson, though. so what your going around the country telling people? >> we have to get involved. we can't hope somebody -- i hope people were taking care of it. i assumed the government was involved. i assumed everybody was fed and that's not true. and because they have their own site and you can go on there and they want to talk to you. they want people to say how can we do this? how community by community, state by state can we actually get the research, find out who it is and how can we get
5:58 am
involved and do it? if no one else is doing it, we have to do it and women understand. we want them fed. >> steve: can you stick around a little while longer? >> yes. >> steve: all right. more with linda evans in just a moment as "fox & friends" continues live from new york city here on the couch dynasty look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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